Friday, August 15, 2014

failures & mosquitoes

Saw an interesting quotation on a tumblr that I visit occasionally, and thought it was fitting for several reasons:
  1. The tumblr is called "Medical School," so everything on it is automatically relevant. Obvi.
  2. I'm currently completing a crash course in clinical skills before hitting the wards in a week, and we've talked a lot about human error in the medical setting and how to avoid it.
  3. Z & I are attempting to revitalize a garden space in our backyard, but have to battle the biggest swarm of mosquitoes every time we open the back door. (Suggestions anyone???! Comment below!)
Anyway, here's a thought to leave you with on this lovely Friday, as penned by an
aptly named James Reason:

So here's to the weekend, and hoping our garden doesn't become an active failure!

Monday, August 04, 2014

snap back to reality

Married! Yay!
(Check out a sneak peak of our photos by the incredible Black & Hue on facebook, and some hilarious shots from our "photobooth" on AndrewsPhotoGallery)

If you can't access either of those, our faves are probably the following:

Then we headed to Charleston/Sullivan's Island for an amazing honeymoon, full of food, laughter, and relaxation. We took about 3 photos total, so...apologies that you can't re-live it with us.

And now back to school for me (!). 1 year down, 3 to go. We're in an intensive clinical skills course for the next 3 weeks, then it's to the wards! I saw this quotation today, from Gawande's Complications, and thought it was an appropriate thought to leave you with:

Cheers to new years!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

weekend wisdom

T-minus 3 weeks till the big day!
...And t-minus 5 days until my med-school-year-1 final exam...

So how's about a little weekend wisdom? Yes? Okay!

This snippet comes from M.Williamson's A Return to Love (which I have not read, but instead learned from Mr. Internet...). Apparently the quotation's been mis-attributed to Nelson Mandela a whole lot, which I'd definitely take as a compliment!

(Or...fake it till you make it, amirite?)

Three cheers to hopefully passing med school!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

hurry, hurry

Is it worth it? Hurrying, to fit more in?

Air Traffic Controller has put out a good rendition of this paradox. I recently stumbled upon this band (I know, I'm not all that cultured) and they've immediately begun to replenish a sort of upbeatness void that's needed filling lately. The funny thing is that their album I've had on repeat (the cleverly named Nordo) came out just after the time things started getting obscured in my life. Wonder if things woulda been diff. if I uncovered the album then? Or maybe the late find allows for more enlightenment?